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Welcome to this Web Site.  If you click on the Photo Gallery link to the left it will bring you to all of our Photo Galleries.  Feel free to look through these and come back often to see any new Galleries.  However, these photos cannot be used in any way without the express approval of the photographer (



All Photos in these Galleries are copyrighted images and may not be copied without the permission of the photographer.    We at Press Link PR/Diana De Rosa Photography reserve all rights to all images located anywhere on these sites.  No image can be reproduced, printed, linked to, or used in any other manner without the consent of the photographer.  These copyrighted images are protected by Federal Law. 


>Latest Galleries
We just got back from the Dressage Selection Trials in San Juan Capistrano, CA and those photos are on the site.  I've included the link on the left.

>Upcoming Galleries
We will be headed to Hong Kong for the Olympics in August.  Photos will be going up daily starting August 8th.